Slip Covers

Refresh Your Furniture With Custom Slip Covers

Refresh Your Furniture With Custom Slip Covers

Creating furniture slip covers in Acushnet & Wareham, MA

A3D Upholstery creates furniture slip covers for residential and commercial clients in Acushnet and Wareham, Massachusetts and the surrounding area. Whether you want to cover your living room sofa or the arm chairs in every one of your hotel suites, we can handle the job.

Trust us to design and produce custom slip covers for couches, arm chairs, ottomans and all types of outdoor furniture.

3 reasons to use custom slip covers

What makes these upholstery alternatives so popular? Furniture slip covers let you...

1. Try a new look without buying new furniture: Save some money on your remodel by updating-instead of replacing-your old furniture.
2. Keep your furniture clean for less: Instead of paying for professional upholstery cleaning, slip off the cover and wash it separately.
3. Protect your antique furniture: Don't expose your antique chairs to spilled drinks, sticky hands and wayward pets.

You can order your custom slip cover in leather, vinyl or fabric.

Call our office in Acushnet or Wareham, MA today to get an estimate on your custom slip covers.